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Cover Bowl Brewing Tea

Cover Bowl Brewing Tea

Brewing with Cover Bowl

Brewing with Cover Bowl
Since the Ming and Qing Dynasty, a three-in-one tea ware called Cover Bowl was developed, which consists of a lid, a bowl, and a coaster.
There are four main advantages of this three-in-one design. First, it is easier to infuse water. Second, the lid is smaller than the size of spout which makes it safer and easier to maintain its fragrance. Third, the coaster keeps your hand away from the heat. Fourth, it is better at keeping up temperature.

Step One – Tea Preparation

First of all, prepare your favorite cover bowl and your heart with quietude.
Secondly, choose your tea of the day.
Take the appropriate amount of tea leaves and prepare water.

Step Two – Warm tea sets

When the water is ready, warm the tea ware one by one.
Remain the hot water in the cup to keep up the warmth.
This is a good moment to appreciate your tea.

Step Three – Brew the tea

Next, place the tea leaf in your tea ware.
Shake it to smell the fragrance.
The first infusion is actually called pre-brew, in order to bask and wash the tea leaves.
Pour out the used water into the tea basin.
Now that it’s time for the first infusion. Remember to use the appropriate water temperature and keep the tea well timed.

Step Four – Serve tea

When the tea reaches proper strength, gently pour it out to the tea pitcher .
Remember to pour out the water before you pour the tea in the cup.
If you enjoy your tea with your friends, divide it evenly and serve it humbly with a pitcher.

Step Five – Further experience

Then, Repeat the above steps, taste the rest of the tea and feel the difference.
And pay attention to every single brew of tea. They all could be sophisticated in their own way as this is the most interesting part of tea appreciation and can help you live in the real moment.
Finally, you may take out the brewed leaves and appreciate the leaves too!

What tea are suitable

Green Tea, Yellow Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea, Dark tea, Pu’er tea.
Cover bowl (in fact) has the most compatibility with all kinds of tea, yet the approach to brew different tea requires slight adjustment.

Brew Time

1 - 3 minuses

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Cover Bowl Brewing Tea

Pour your tea and enjoy.