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Our Tea

May we bring you tea?

Our footprints reached across Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan tea stores and tea plantations. We source the most delicious and healthy tea we can find.

Our signature tea subscription and starter kit alongside tea sets and teaching articles is available here. Through ATTEATUDE, we can deliver the tea we love, from farmers we admire, into your hands or onto your doorstep.


We provided 6 categories of Chinese tea: green tea, white tea, oolong tea, black tea, dark tea and Pu’er tea. Get your tea journey right by shopping here or visiting our shop.

Chart of Primary Tea Processes

Basically, it’s a science experiment.

We set up blind taste tests at different days out of the roaster. We taste each batch, repeatedly. James and our team of roasting and quality control experts cup all of our coffees before they go into the world. We repeat this process every day. Each time we change a component of one of our blends, we start over. Every time a new single origin is introduced (three to five times per month) we go through the process anew.

We then identify a window of peak flavor. When a coffee hits that range, it goes into service at our cafes and onto the shelves as whole beans.